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Scarlett Belle exploded onto the burlesque scene in 2011 and was crowned 'Best British Newcomer' at the World Burlesque Games 2013.  Since then the demand for this Scottish bombshell has rocketed and now Scarlett is well recognised in the cabaret world for her innovative and original acts.

Being a professionally trained dancer and with the voice of a swarovski spangled song bird, her natural talent holds no bounds and as if she didn't make audiences hot enough she is also a highly skilled fire performer.


Her raw sexuality can dominate any venue or arena as she radiates charm with her dazzling stage presence. Scarlett is an extremely versatile performer with high quality acts and amazing costumes.


Check out her Motion Pictures below...


Bond Diva

Chanelling her inner Bassey Diva Scarlett transforms into a sexy Bond girl ready to kill. With use of a shadow screen this act is great for big stages and has uber theatricality and dramatic effect. 

Victorian Nymph

Scarlett slips perfectly back into the victorian ear and boy does she like to tease. Comic and playful act good for intimate venues where the audience are oh so close you can touch them. 

Neon Nocturne

Dominatrex style you do not want to mess with Scarlett in this overtly sexy and saucy number. Lock your childern away- Mistress Belle will have her way!

Scarlett Fever

*Award winning* This classic bump and grind showgirl act is performer to a great big band tune. This act is saucy and sassy and will get you hot under the colar and shouting for more. Like many before, you too could leave with the Scarlett Fever!

Art of Tease

Sing and fling act inspired by hollywood greats Cyd Cerisse and Jane Russell. During this singing strip the mistress of suduction and madame of tease Scarlett will teach you a valuable lesson in 'The Art Of Tease'. Written by Pete Saunders and Ivy Paige.

Hot Honey Belle

Inspired by the Everly Pin Up girl drawings. Clothing can be unpredictable... skirts that fly up on their own, corsets that fly off unexpectidly... Lets just hope she's remembered to wear her knickers... Or not... You cheeky little devils!

Marilyn Monroe

This act is a poinient, dark and realistic tribute to the super star Marilyn Monroe. In this theatrical piece Scarlett shows the negative effects that stardom had on this vulnerable but wonderfully talented starlet.

Flaming Rag Doll

In this comical cheeky act Scarlett shows what happens when you mix a rag doll with red hot fire. To the track of 'Why Don't You Love Me' How could you possibly not love this flaming rag doll?

Flaunt it Belle

A sling and fling act about showing your inner diva. No body shaming here. Just as my mother always said... "When You've Got It Flaunt It!"

Never Stop Falling in Love

Classic fan dance inspired my Sally Rand herself. Scarlett's dance training really shows through in this elegant, graceful, beautiful flowing fan dance.

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