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Burlesque Classes- 6 Week Block

It’s never too late to start being fabulous!


Would you like to build your confidence and find your inner sexy tigress in a friendly and supportive atmosphere? Would you like to embrace your sexuality, learn what your best features are and how to flaunt them? Most of all , do you want to have some fun and a giggle and meet likeminded people?


If you answered yes, yes and yes, then this course is for you!

Lose your inhibitions and gain confidence. Feel sexy, glamorous and empowered as you learn all about the art of the tease from one of Scotlands finest burlesque beauties. 


Add a little more glitz and glamour to your life and unleash your inner showgirl . Trust me, we all have a sparkly Diva hidden within us bursting to get out!

Scarlett Belle’s classes are suitable for anyone who wishes to explore their own femininity & sexuality in a fun, friendly, safe and non judgmental environment. 

ALL ages (18+), All abilities & body types welcome & encouraged.


No previous dance experience necessary and those with 2 left feet are more than welcome! There is NO NUDITY involved in this course and you can wear whatever you feel good in whether that be; leggings, trousers, a dress, your cotton PJ's or your frilly knickers and suspenders .


Discover the Art of Tease: Learn about the history of burlesque and the different styles performed today-there is a style for everyone! Learn how to engage with your audience, how to pose like a pin-up, how to strut your stuff with confidence, how to peel away your gloves effortlessly  with style and seduction and how to Bump’n’Grind like the classic 1950’s burlesque superstars (one even dated Elvis!) Also have fun with feather boas and learn a fabulous group routine at the end of the course.

You will need: A pair of long opera gloves & a pair of comfortable heels that you can move in.


WHEN: Thursdays 8.30- 9.30pm 24th May- 28th June 2018 (Future Dates TBC)

WHERE: Soul Retreat, 2 Biggar Road, Edinburgh

INVESTMENT: 6 week block for £60

Basic Burlesque Workshops

Whether for a birthday of hen party or just for a bit of fun learn to love your body and feel sexy by learning some burlesque moves. Unleash your inner diva, strut, learn sensual seductive moves and the ultimate art of tease. Classes can include glove peel, robe removal, stocking peel and how to use probs such as feather boas and feather fans. Classes range from 1-3 hours.

Bump 'n' Grind Bonanza Workshop

This class will teach you all the classic bump and grind moves from the 50s and 60s 'sleeze' era of burlesque. Moves that were super racey in their hey-day and are still pretty darn right raunchy to this day. Warm up those hips, Work out those thighs and shimmy your way to seduction. Always a good fun class for all levels but not the faint hearted. Class can be from 1-2 hours.


To enquire about booking any classes or discuss further please email Scarlett here...

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